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The 2SC5200 is a high power NPN transistor originally from Toshiba. Due to its high current gain and collector current it is very commonly used in 'High power audio circuits or AF amplifiers.

Comfortable and Powerful Amplifier Circuit

“We Connect 2SC5200 Collector With 2SA1216 Base. Then We Connect 2SC5200 Emitter With 2SA1216 Collector. Then We Connect 100 K Ohm Resistor With 2SC5200 Base & 2SA1216 Emitter. Now Connect 0.47 Ohm Resistor With 2SA1216 Emitter. Now Connect 1000µf/16v …

DIY Powerful Amplifier With A1943/C5200

“we can make our own DIY Powerful Amplifier with a bass controller in our home, so keep making amplifiers and you have not to pay extra for a good DJ box just make your own.”