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Morse code over Wifi

From a client on the local network, I can send a message to a PSoC6 BT/WLAN board and the led blinks the message in Morse code.

The project simply blinks the onboard LED to represent a message in Morse code format that was sent sent via UDP over Wifi. The project is easily extendible to perform other actions rather than blink the LED. For example, this could be a microphone click that could control a remote device over RF.

Likewise, the communication medium is not limited to Wifi. Bluetooth, UART and other mechanisms may easily be used.

Complementary mechanisms may be employed to decode messages from a source; a cell phone, for example.

The combination of the transmitter and receiver enables a variety of simple communication mechanisms via a single signal medium (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPIO, radio signal, etc.).”

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