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The MagPi 110

Inside The MagPi magazine #110

- Raspberry Pi Smart Gadgets. Hack your home with these incredible builds.
- Spooky project upgrades for Halloween. Give the local kids a fright-fest!
- Build an Android tablet. Make your own tablet computer with Raspberry Pi.
- Catch a criminal with the Package Thief Deterrent. How one maker is detecting people taking packages from their doorstep.
- Making a Machine Learning Prosthetic Arm. Raspberry Pi is inside this inspirational project.
- Using a mini LED to build the Solar System Display. This orrery displays the solar system using Raspberry Pi Pico and an on-board clock.
- Make retro noises with Raspberry Pi and an OPL2 Audio Board. Take your ears back to the 1980s with this excellent tutorial.
- Plus! Win Air Quality Kits for Raspberry Pi.”

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