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As I mentioned in my previous instructables Fiber Optic and LEDs - a Wall Decoration and Fiber Optic LED Lamp, when I discovered decorative fiber optics I realized that they can be used in a creative way and in projects where I really didn’t think they could work. This time I want to propose a very simple application, based on some articles here on and on the internet.

- Fiber Optic LED Matrix
- Fiber Optic LED Dandelion Lamp
- Fiber Optic Fairy Wings

but also on the construction of the so-called Fiber Optic LED lamps, on for example (I think you all know them):

And I don’t want to sound immodest when I use the expression “light sculpture” in the title of my instructable but the end result is really memorable, you just have to have the patience to follow my article until the end :)”

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