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The MagPi 105

Inside The MagPi magazine #105
- 50 Hacks & Hints. The Raspberry Pi secrets that make you a better maker.
- Discover the 3/4 Star Wars arcade cabinet. Just like the amazing original; but smaller.
- Teach with an LCD chalkboard. Dede Mitchell’s amazing learning resource combines a classic chalkboard with an ultra-modern LCD screen.
- Assemble your arcade machine. Put the pieces together in the second part of KG’s arcade build.
- Play classic tunes on a Raspberry Pi jukebox. Combine audio with LED lighting for a 1950’s-style music machine.
- Use Raspberry Pi to monitor a fridge temperature. Keep an eye on your fridge and learn to use temperature sensors in a real-world environment.
- Make a Pico reaction game. Test your timings and learn to code Pico buttons and lights with this classic game.
- The 10 best portable projects. Take Raspberry Pi portable with these mobile kits and builds.
- Win! Colour E-paper Display Hats.”

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