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People all over the world play skateboard. I also enjoy skating for a long time. I made this product as my homework for computer class.
This product was inspired by….
I did some changes while designing it. I replace the battery with a portable charger. I did not dig holes in my skateboard, because I think it’s very steady. The changes make the product more easily to make and safer to make.
1. Arduino USB cable X1
2. Arduino uno X1
3. Portable charger X1 (any portable charger)
4. Laptop X1 (Any laptop )
5. Breadboard Jumper Wires (10cmX2, 20cmX3)
6. LED light strip (Waterproof white drip rubber, 60 pieces lights, 200cm)
7. USB to DuPont head 1x2P power X1
8. Breadboard X1
9. Tape to stable the portable charger and the board.
10. Skateboard
11. Soldering Iron with Deluxe Stand X1”

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