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Adjustable Super Clamp

This is an offshoot of my beefy 30mm glass clamp:

I will be playing with the OpenSCAD file over here in an attempt to make it even more customizable!

I tried to break the red clamp by cranking it down to the kitchen counter as hard as I could and then pulling on the drawers it was blocking (see photos). It flexed a lot when being clamped and showed some stress on an inside corner but it seemed very strong and it didn’t feel like it was going to give way. The clamp returned to it’s normal shape and did not warp from being under that much pressure. I will try printing clamps with less thickness and run the same test to see how much difference it really makes.

The original inspiration for making these stronger clamps was the popular “G-Clamp fully printable” that was quite easy to make fail when cranked down - deformation and bolt breakage.

For extra strength in practical use, print the screw part with 100% infill since there are some weak points, like where the ball connects. Adding STL files to make that easy to do.”

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