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The MagPI 103

Inside The MagPi magazine #103

#MonthOfMaking. Discover new ways of making with Raspberry Pi.
Easy Raspberry Pi Pico Projects. Don’t get stuck with Raspberry Pi’s new microcontroller. These projects help you get started.
Recreate Amiga 600 with Raspberry Pi. Can’t afford a classic computer? 3D-print your own case and use Raspberry Pi on the inside.
Make a Pico Pomodoro Timer. Transform Pico into a digital timer with Pimoroni’s Display Pack.
Build a digital do-not-disturb sign. Wirelessly connect a digital screen and buttons to make a smart sign that alerts people when you’re busy.
Turbocharge Raspberry Pi 400 with an M.2 SSD drive. Make your Raspberry Pi 400 vastly faster with an SSD drive.
SmartiPi Pro and RasPad 3 tested and rated. We take a look at new touchscreen display cases.
Use AI to detect birds and squirrels in your garden. Keep an eye on the critters in your yard with this smart project.
Win! RFID Hats. Build your own tap-and-go projects.”

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