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Low-Cost Room Thermometer Using 16×2 LCD and Atmega328

This is an easy to build small size and low-cost room thermometer. The project consists of LM35 analog temperature sensor, 16×2 LCD, and an Atmega328 chip. This compact board is Arduino compatible and provided with an onboard connector for Boot-Loader burning and Arduino IDE programming. Board also has 2 additional connectors for analog input and digital I/O. Trimmer potentiometer PR1 helps you to adjust the contrast of the LCD. Example Arduino Code for the thermometer is available as a download to test the board. The example will display the temperature value in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. The operating voltage of the circuit is 5V DC and it draws approx. 35mA of current with backlight LED ON. Scale factor/Output of LM35 is 10mV/Centigrade. This board can also be used in other Arduino applications that require a 16×2 LCD and I/O Pins.”

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