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The MagPI 99

Discover an endless array of amazing gadgets, devices, and projects with our guide the greatest gear from the year.

Inside The MagPi magazine #99

- Raspberry Pi Ultimate Wishlist. The ideal inventory for a Raspberry Pi owner with a mission to build something new.
- Compute Module 4 specs and benchmarks. Putting the power of Raspberry Pi 4 in an embedded form factor.
- Holiday Projects for a Festive season. Add some tech glitz to the holidays with our guide to Raspberry Pi-controlled decorations, lights, and sound.
- Build a retro CD-ROM console. Attach a CD/DVD drive to your Raspberry Pi and get ready to (re)discover a world of classic entertainment.
- Set up a Home Assistant with Raspberry Pi. Take control of the devices in your home with a range of Raspberry Pi software tools.”

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