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The MagPI 97

3D Printing & Making in The MagPi 97. Discover 3D printing, laser cutting, and crafting techniques and make your own Raspberry Pi kit.

Inside The MagPi magazine #97

3D Printing & Making. Design, craft, and build your own Raspberry Pi accessories.

DOSBox-X legal game emulation. Use GOG, innoextract, DOSBox, and ScummVM to buy, extract, and run PC gaming classics on Raspberry Pi, from Zork to Blade Runner.

Flash photography with the HQ Camera. Add an LED flash to your camera setup to shoot images in low light.

Extend your Home Music system. Extend the capabilities of your music system with Mopidy extensions and access a world of audio.

Build a Home Monitoring Dashboard. Attach temperature, humidity, pressure, and luminosity sensors to a Raspberry Pi and monitor your home.

Control a Raspberry Pi 4 with an iPad Pro. Hook up Raspberry Pi to an iPad Pro with a single USB-C cable and share the power and data connection.

Build a touch display called Tap-an-LED. Tap-an-LED brings you a touch interface on a 16×8 multicoloured LED matrix, for emulating a Monome, generating new user interfaces, and playing games.

Code Gauntlet’s four-player co-op. Make a game with four players on the screen at once.

Discover the great CrowPi2 electronics kit. Our review explains why this might be the best electronics starter kit on the market.

Space exploration at home with our M.A.R.S Rover review. Build this replica of the robots exploring Mars and discover how robotics is changing our understanding of the cosmos.

The 10 Best starter kits. Stuck for getting started with Raspberry Pi? These kits are a great place to get going.

Learn Scratch 3 with our resources. Scratch is a highly visual language that makes programming a piece of cake. Our collection of books, websites, and videos will help you bake up a program in no time.

Alan O’Donohoe interview. One of the original Raspberry Jams celebrates its 100th meeting. We talk to one of its organisers.

Discover the Oktoberfest Pinball Machine. Play a real pinball machine online thanks to the power of Raspberry Pi, a streaming camera, and interactive flippers.

Spin the RadioGlobe. This globe rotates and plays a radio station for the selected location.

Display art with the Retro Gaming NES frame. The perfect way to display classic retro art.

Plus! Win PiCar-V 2.0 robot car kits.”

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