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The MagPI 96

Eager to put your Raspberry Pi to use, but stuck for ideas and think it’s all a bit complex? Our 25 no-nonsense projects will help you get started on a new build. Everything here is easy to make, and the results are impressive.

Inside The MagPi magazine #96

25 No-problem projects. Put a new Raspberry Pi to good use with these inspiring, but do-able projects.

Build the ultimate home music system. Want house-wide audio without the price tag? PJ Evans has you covered. This Raspberry Pi touch screen system beats professional builds hands down.

Robot car test. We’ve got our hands on a PiCar-V Kit 2.0 and put it through some paces. Is this four-wheeled wonder the right robot for you?

10 summer projects. Beat the heat with these Raspberry Pi builds.

Run Windows 98 software. Boot Raspberry Pi to Windows 9x and run classic software with DOSBox-X. KG Orphanides has all the information you need to get the classic Windows experience on Raspberry Pi.

Stop motion and selfies with the High Quality Camera. Add a shutter button to your camera and use it to take pictures, and stop motion video.

Secure remote access. Access a Raspberry Pi remotely while keeping the open port hidden from prying eyes.

Raspberry Pi and Arduino oscilloscope. Mike Cook puts two boards together and samples signals at 1MHz. It’s a great build for audio work.

Make making accessible. Ensure that everyone can join in with the fun of your builds by making them accessible to the widest possible audience.

Learn C with Raspberry Pi. Discover the underlying principles of computing and learn a solid programming language with these books, tutorials, and courses.

Project Zed. The mighty robot being built by a talented maker in Uganda.

International Space Station Tracker. Use a Raspberry Pi and e-paper display to keep an eye on the space station’s whereabouts.

PiMowBot. The brilliant robotic lawn mower aiming to cut the grass for you.

OpenFlexure Microscope. Cutting the cost of disease detection with a 3D printed research-grade microscope.”

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