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When I build my previous mini oscilloscope I wanted to see how well I could make my smallest ARM microcontroller a STM32F030 (F030) perform, and it did a nice job.

In one of the comments it was suggested that a “Blue Pill” with a STM32F103 (F103) might be better, smaller than the development board with the F030 and possibly even cheaper. But for the mini oscilloscope I did not use the development board but the F030 on an even smaller SMD-DIP board, so there a Blue Pill would certainly not be any smaller and I doubt that it would be cheaper too.

Part list:
- plastic box - perfboard (double sided prototype board 8x12cm) - Blue Pill - ST7735s TFT display - lithium-ion battery - HT7333 3.3V low dropout regulator - MCP6L92 dual opamp - TSSOP8 to DIP8 board - 12 MHz crystal (not necessary) - rotary encoder plus knob (2x) - powerswitch - banana terminals (4x) - lithium-ion charger board - several resistors and capacitors - nylon spacers, nuts and screws


- soldering station - solder 0.7mm - some wire - side cutter - glasses and loupe - drill - multimeter - oscilloscope - STLink-V2


- STM32IDE - STM32CubeMX - STLink Utility - LowLayer library - adapted library for ST7735s - Notepad++ - Kicad”

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