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This is a simple power supply that provides an adjustable output voltage with an adjustable current limit. In such a small package, both these features make the power supply unique. The output voltage is adjustable range 1.2V to 6V DC and current limit range adjustable up to 1.5A, Input Supply is 12V-30V DC.The LT3081 is a 1.5A low dropout linear regulator designed for rugged industrial applications. Key features of the IC are the extended safe operating area (SOA), output current monitor, temperature monitor, and programmable current limit. The LT3081 can be paralleled for higher output current or heat spreading. The device withstands reverse input and reverses output-to-input voltages without reverse current flow. The LT3081’s precision 50μA reference current source allows a single resistor to program output voltage to any level between zero and 34.5V. The current reference architecture makes load regulation independent of the output voltage. The LT3081 is stable with or without input and output capacitors. The output current monitor (IOUT/5000) and die junction temperature output (1μA/°C) provide system monitoring and debug capability. In addition, a single resistor programs current limit.”

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