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The Signal - A compendium of blog posts on op amp design topics

Learning analog seems like a daunting task. Analog engineers do not generally acquire their experience in a linear path from start to finish:
They zigzag a path through an obstacle course of hurdles. They acquire insights in small pieces – a bit here and a bite (not a byte) there. Slowly, puzzle pieces fit into place, and hazy concepts come into focus.
We will never have the satisfaction of jumping a final hurdle or tapping the final puzzle piece into place; that just won’t happen.
Colleagues much smarter than I am cannot answer all of my questions … and I cannot answer all of yours.
So this assemblage of little analog lessons is hopelessly incomplete.
Still, I think you will find it helpful. It may fill some gaps in your knowledge or stimulate your thinking.
Each topic addressed in this book was originally published as a post on my blog, “The Signal,” which you can still visit on TI’s E2E™ Community. As such, you’ll find that the lessons are short and to the point; practical and intuitive; bite-sized and easy to digest. I needed it to be that way because I’m a simple guy with little patience.”

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