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I can hack  Pin

Hacking the “I can solder” pin with a fancy steampunkish neon bulb lamp and a high voltage joule thief

During the last Chaos Communication Camp during summer 2019 I got an I can solder pin. So I walked directly into the hack tent of our village, soldered the pin, the LED and the battery holder and tada! The funny little RGB LED was flickering in different colours. It was a fantastic camp and I had my 42nd birthday and so it was a great party. Some days ago I found this pin again and I was asking my self if it is possible to hack this little simple pin.

I love steampunk and also tubes, brass etc. and some years ago I played a lot with joule thief circuits. Not only to drive a LED with just 1.5V but also to ignite little plasma inside of neon bulb lamps. There are many sites describing these high voltage joule thief circuits. I found this one from high power joule thief and played a bit with this circuit on my breadboard. You can find also a nice article from Alan’s Lab but I was too lazy to wind a triple coil:”

Link to article