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Getting started with the new Arduino Nano Every

The original Arduino Nano occupies a special place in many makers’ hearts. The tiny footprint (48×18 mm — around half a stick of gum), reliability and tons of examples makes the Nano perfect for wearables, drones — in fact any project made to last.

The Nano is back! The new entry-level Arduino Nano Every manages to pack in even more features at an even lower price — just $9.90 / €8.00 without headers — and is backwards compatible with the original. Dario Pennisi led the development of the board, so we sat down with him to learn more.

The size of Arduino Nano Every makes it ideal for wearable projects; in experiments, in prototypes or in a full cosplay setup! Sensors and motors can be connected without too much fuss which means it’s great for robotics, drones and 3D printing, too.

Searching for “Arduino Nano project” returns millions of results for the original. But you also find people complaining about boards not working. Of course, those boards are usually clones — not genuine Arduino boards! Clones can have reliability issues which mean you need to pay for more, or are frustrated trying to get them to work.

So this is why we made the Arduino Nano Every. It’s reliable, affordable and more powerful. The newer ATmega4809 microcontroller fixes limitations of older ATmega328P-based boards — you can add a second hardware serial port! More peripherals and memory means you can tackle more ambitious projects. The Configurable Custom Logic (CCL) is a great way to get beginners more interested in hardware. We’ve used a quality USB chip so people won’t have connection or driver issues. The separate processor handling the USB interface also makes it possible to implement different USB classes such as Human Interface Device (HID) instead of just the classic CDC/UART.

So not only is it a great choice for makers — in buying a genuine Arduino they will be supporting us in continuing to contribute to open source for the whole community to benefit from.”

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