ATTiny10IDE is a simple, GNU-based IDE I originally wrote to simplify writing code for the ATTiny10 Series Microcontrollers using C. C++ or Assembly language. This new version is a greatly expanded and updated version I started working on in 2014. See this article for some additional details on how this project started. For this new release, I’ve added support for the ATTiny25/45/85 and ATTiny24/44/84 series of microcontrollers, as well support for programming them using an ICSP Programmer. And, there’s also an experimental feature for automatic generation of function prototypes.

If you just want to try out the program, you don’t need to download and compile the source code, as I try to maintain a pre-built, executable JAR file in the out/artifacts/ATTiny10IDE_jar folder from which you can download and run ATTiny10IDE as long as you have Java installed on your system. On a Mac, simply double click the ATTiny10IDE.jar file to run it once you’ve downloaded it, although you’ll probably have to right click and select “Open” the first time you run ATTiny10IDE due to the Mac OS X security check and the fact that I’m currently unable to digitally sign the JAR file. You should also be able to double click and run using Windows, but some versions of Windows may require you to enable this ability first. You’ll need to give the .jar file RUN permission to execute on Linux and using a USB-based device programmer, such as the AVRISP MkII, may also require you to create an install a rules file.

I suggest using Java 8 JRE or JDK, or later for ATTiny10IDE, but the code also seems to run under the OpenJDK Java on Linux. Note: I wrote ATTiny10IDE on a Mac Pro using the Community version of IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains and OS X is the only environment where I have extensively tested and used ATTiny10IDE . I’ve included GNU/AVR toolchains for Mac and 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Linux, but have not extensively tested the code under Windows or Linux. Feel free to report any issues you discover. I’ll do my best, when time permits, to investigate them, but I cannot guarantee fixes, timely or otherwise.”


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