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This is my printable version of the classic etch-a-sketch / telesketch. A kind of plotter-toy.

You can draw what you imagine rotating the X-Y knobs.

It works great with a marker or a pen.
The drawing area it’s 15x10cms aprox.
The X-axis acts moving the complete paper, inspired in the Prusa Y-axis (moving all bed)

It has many parts and can print mostly without supports (i hate supports)

I’ve arrange the parts in 6 files according to impression parameters and print order.

Included a PDF with assemblig instructions and some tips.
Included a ZIP file with al the STL files for each part.
Also included the 123D Design files.

See the Print Settings.

And last: Sorry if my english it’s not good, i’m from spain and have a bad grammar writting in english.

UPDATE!! The ZIP file ‘ now contains the STL’s with all the pieces ‘merged’ (old files may cause problems with some slicing software’).
Redownload if you have problems with separated parts in the STL’s

UPDATE 18-Sept-2016: Youtube video ScienceMadeFunner published a great video ( ) printing, assembling and playing with MicroSketch. Check it out!”

Link to article