USB-IF Launches USB Type-C Authentication Program

USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the support
organization for the advancement and adoption of USB technology, today announced the
launch of its USB Type-C™ Authentication Program, marking an important milestone for the
optional USB security protocol. The USB Type-C Authentication specification defines
cryptographic-based authentication for USB Type-C chargers and devices.
USB Type-C Authentication empowers host systems to protect against non-compliant USB
chargers and to mitigate risks from malicious firmware/hardware in USB devices attempting
to exploit a USB connection. Using this protocol, host systems can confirm the authenticity
of a USB device, USB cable or USB charger, including such product aspects as the
capabilities and certification status. All of this happens right at the moment a connection is
made – before inappropriate power or data can be transferred.
USB-IF is excited to launch the USB Type-C Authentication Program, providing OEMs with
the flexibility to implement a security framework that best fits their specific product
requirements,” said USB-IF President and COO Jeff Ravencraft. “As the USB Type-C
ecosystem continues to grow, companies can further provide the security that consumers
have come to expect from certified USB devices.””


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