If you are looking for a small and low powered Arduino board the Attiny is a really good option, its surprisingly featureful for it’s size. It has 5 GPIO pins, 3 of which are Analog pins and 2 which have PWM output. It is also really flexible to the voltage that it runs off (2.7V to 5.5V) so it’s perfect for running off batteries. Did I also mention it only costs about $1!?The trouble is with the attiny is that you can’t just plug a USB cable in to program it, but it actually isn’t hard to build a programmer for it and that is what we are going to go through in this instructable.
There are already lots of guides for building a shield, but there is a step missing when using newer versions of the Arduino IDE in the software setup in all the ones I checked that I will go through here as well.Check out the above video where I go through all the information that is in this instructable.”


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