The MagPI 65

Raspberry Pi for Newbies
The Raspberry Pi makes an amazing Christmas, present. And every year we welcome a huge number of newcomers.

Raspberry Pi isn’t just a computer and a charity. We’re a community of people who love making stuff with programmable computers. So if you want to learn about digital making with Raspberry Pi, then you’ve found the right place.

AIY Vision Kit
For more regular readers… don’t worry! We have a magazine packed with project ideas, and a big look at AIY Projects: Vision Kit.

Discover how to set it up, add smart vision to your projects, and how artificial neural networks are created.

Plus! All of this inside The MagPi 65

- Aphex Twin Midimutant – Megastar talks to us about new AI music tool
- Make games in C++ – Professional video game development
- Ring in the New Year – Build a ringing bell tower
- New pi-top laptop reviewed – The pro laptop with a Raspberry Pi inside”


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