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Parametric Hinge

Parametric Butt Hinge
This is a parametric butt hinge designed in OpenSCAD, offering a wide range of parameters for customization. The hinge is designed to be printed in one step, but the individual leaves can be printed independently if desired. And in the case of applications that require an external pin, the default fused pin may be disabled, to leave a pin shaft ready to accept an external pin, during post printing assembly.

There may be a rendering artifact that appears in the Customizer, when enabling knuckle gussets. This is either a browser issue or an OpenSCAD rendering artifact, and should not affect the physical model that you download and print. Also, if you download the OpenSCAD source file, it should render without any artifacts once loaded in the latest version of the OpenSCAD editor.

Experimental Version:
An experimental version of this model may be found here,
The experimental version includes additional features that are still being developed, or would otherwise over complicate the base model. I have made the experimental version available for those who would like to brave early access to some of the features that will possibly find there way into the base model, eventually. Please note, the experimental version is not updated as often as the base model, and may still include bugs and untested configurations.”

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