Electromagnetic Glove

Hi am Sundar Murugan, an Electronics hobbyists and Photographer and this is my first attempt on writing an instructable. Today am going to demonstrate making of a simple Electromagnetic Glove which I have made during the last weekend. This glove basically uses the principle of Electromagnetic induction which everyone would have read in our 7th grade science.
SKILL LEVEL : Beginner (Electronics)
WHAT IT WILL DO: More for fun purposes, this glove is fixed with a DIY Electromagnet which is capable of attracting things when battery is connected to it. A small button was attached to bottom side of the index finger in order to make it easy for user to press with his thumb. When this button is pressed Electromagnet placed in the glove will get magnetized and demagnetized when it is released.
Let’s take a look at the series of steps involved in making this Glove.”


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