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Customizable Plate Bracket for Aluminium Extrusion Profiles (Misumi 2020, 2040, 4040, ...)

This is a customizable thing that allows you to create and print aluminum extrusion brackets for different types and sizes of extrusion profiles.I’ve also added the 21 brackets for 2020 and for the short side of the 2040 profile as .stl files.Aluminium Extrusion SeriesThis is part of my Aluminium Extrusions series. Follow me, if you want to be informed about a new part of this series!Customizable SettingsUse the Customizer or OpenSCAD to create your own customized set of brackets.You only need to set these few parameters to get all the 21 brackets automatically: width of mounting side of the extrusion profile (20mm for 2020 profile)length and thickness of the bracketnumber of rails (2020 has 1, 2040 has 1 and 2 rails)screw hole settings”

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