This series will give all the required information to build or tweak a mechanical narrow band television similar to the prototype shown in this Youtube video. In part 1, we will focus on some of the core concepts. Later, we will get into building our own color mechanical TV! Building and tweaking this kind of mechanical and electronic hardware requires some experience and a lot of patience. Electromechanical parts (speed response vs torque of the available motor, disc inertia, and size) have an impact on the global system behavior so the prototype will not be “plug-and-play”. A lot of adjustment means have been implemented in the schematics to face these kinds of issues. However, it remains possible that you will have to modify some values/components to match with your mechanical configuration, especially in the motor synchronization system (as in all other kinds of mechanical TV designs). If experienced in homebrew design but not familiar at all with NBTV and/or mechanical television, I recommend checking out the Early Television Museum website.”


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