Sony introduces smart sensing IoT board (Arduino-compatible)

Sony will be showcasing a brand new development board called Spritzer during the Maker Faire Tokyo in Japan, August 5-6. The Spritzer board is specifically designed for IoT applications and comprises a range of smart functionality such as integrated GPS and an advanced digital audio codec and amplifier. Being Arduino-compatible means that Spritzer allows any developer to easily get started with app development using the free Arduino IDE and an ordinary USB cable. The Spritzer board features a processing chip with a unique combination of low power consumption and a rapid clock speed of 156MHz. This makes Spritzer extremely versatile and can be deployed for a vast range of use cases. During the Maker Faire, Sony will demonstrate various live implementations such as a drone utilizing the GPS and the 6-axis sensor support, a smart speaker utilizing the audio functions, a self-driving line-tracing miniature car, and a low-power smart sensing IoT camera using the camera interface of Spritzer. The Spritzer board is planned to be available for developers in early 2018. If you want to make sure to be notified when it’s available, either check in here on Sony Developer World or follow us on Twitter @SonyDevWorld. If you plan to visit the Maker Faire in Tokyo, you’re most welcome to come by the Sony booth #S-10-05.”


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