Google AI AlphaGo wins again, leaves humans in the dust

Two days ago in the Zhejiang Province of China, Google’s Go-playing artificial intelligence AlphaGo bested current world Go champion Ke Jie in the first game of a three-part match, sliding by on a half-point victory. Now the second game has taken place — and once again, AlphaGo has emerged the winner. The human gave it his all. “Incredible,” wrote DeepMind founder and CEO Demis Hassabis on Twitter while the match was underway. “According to #AlphaGo evaluations Ke Jie is playing perfectly at the moment.” The match took place over a year after AlphaGo bested Lee Sedol, one of the world’s top Go players, in four out of five matches in March 2016. It also beat European champion Fan Hui 5-0 in October 2015. Hassabis announced the win against Ke on Twitter. “AlphaGo wins game 2,” he said. “What an amazing and complex game! Ke Jie pushed AlphaGo right to the limit.” Ke said after Tuesday’s match that the AI’s improvement was palpable, saying that it now plays “like a god of Go.” Perhaps it’s time for AlphaGo to go head-to-head against another of its own kind.”


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