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Wire Terminal/Connector Block/Strip

Update: 3 new layouts uploaded, and these have a 1.5mm “backing” under the nut to reduce likelihood of short-circuit accidents as mentioned in the description below. Here’s our “collection” (we’ll add to it as we make more) of quick-printing, simple, ridiculously useful terminal blocks. Press-fit the nut and away you go. Certainly best for low voltage applications, (not “rated” for ANYTHING: you print and use this at your own risk and trusting your own knowledge of electricity and electronics). There’s no base below the nut, which means that you probably should NOT use this on a steel/aluminum/conductive base / substrate / mounting plate of any kind, unless you’re looking to burn some stuff with electricity and possibly even hurt yourself. Sized and designed for #6-32 hardware, the screw should best be 3/8” long to avoid reaching the base plate and marring it or worse, causing a short circuit (if both screws reach). Use a longer screw at your peril, though it can be useful in certain situations (perhaps you want to stack a bunch of connectors, for example). The screw-down slots are sized for #6 sheetmetal screws, and are spaced at 0.5CM intervals, to conveniently match up with the BUD Industries backplates we use so often (in the photos). We use a ton of these things while building various remote monitoring systems for our customers - learn more at Valarm.”

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