DIP switch egg timer

Like Eggs? I do. I like them scrambled, poached, fried or hard boiled. In Taiwan hard boiled eggs are almost a staple food supplied in 7-11’s, Family Mart, Ok Mart and a variety of other chain convenience stores throughout the country. They are usually called “Tea Eggs” because they are boiled slowly in a Tea Mixture that stains the shell brown and penetrates in inner goodness giving them a coffee colored look and slightly sweet flavor. So I decided to create a simple breadboard based Kitchen Egg Timer for those who like a perfect hard boiled Egg or if they prefer soft or somewhere in the middle. Most egg timers use a rotational variable resistor, which can be difficult to get the time you want unless you guesstimate it. So I opted for a ‘hard wired’ version using particular resistors and 555 timer programmable by a Dip Switch that allows you to select a timing period between 1 to 5 minutes. This Egg timer will be in our upcoming Breadboard Project Kit No3. called “Practical Devices” if you are unable to source the components, along with 5 other fun projects for everyday use.”


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