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Every possible connection

The Raspberry Pi does not really need an introduction: Linux plus some tinkering pins - who could possibly ask for more? It has all the features needed to create a flexible and powerful programming / debugging tool for microcontrollers. It can even run entire toolchains for cross-compiling for a wide variety of these µCs. One tricky aspect, which is probably the main stumbling block if you’ve ever looked into trying out things with a 32-bit ARM-based µC, is how to get the software onto those chips. There are many ways, well-researched on this weblog and elsewhere, but they all have little quirks - from trouble with connecting everything together, to not being portable across Win/Mac/Lin, to requiring a special programmer - it quickly turns into a chicken-and-egg kind of adventure: YOU ARE IN A MAZE OF TWISTY LITTLE PASSAGES, ALL ALIKE

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