Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform

Enterprises are increasingly adopting containers. The enterprise is realizing the benefits of cost savings, solution to deployment problems, and DevOps and production operations improvements that containers provide. Over the last years, Microsoft has been rapidly releasing container innovations to the Windows and Linux ecosystems – partnering with industry leaders like Docker and Mesosphere to deliver container solutions that help companies build and deploy applications at cloud speed and scale, whatever their choice of platform or tools. Building containerized applications in an enterprise environment means more than just developing and running applications in containers. It means that you need to have an end-to-end lifecycle so you are capable of delivering applications through Continuous Integration, Testing, Continuous Deployment to containers, and release management supporting multiple environments, while having solid production management and monitoring systems. Within the DevOps context, containers enable continuity in the CI/CD model as they create a clear boundary between developers by providing containerized apps with all the required environment configuration, and ITOps that builds a generic environment to run app specific content. This is all enabled through Microsoft tools and services for containerized Docker applications.”


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