NXP Unveils Airfast 3 RF Power Transistors to Advance Cellular Infrastructure for Smart Cities

NXP Semiconductors N.V. today introduced its third generation of Airfast products which include four LDMOS transistors for cellular macro base stations. The new Airfast 3 technology raises the bar in technology and meets the stringent requirements of all current wireless standards with wide instantaneous bandwidths to cover an entire cellular band using a single device. NXP’s Airfast 3 delivers industry-leading performance in key areas that include efficiency, gain, RF output power, and signal bandwidth, while significantly reducing the footprint required to deliver a given level of RF output power. When compared to Airfast 2, this third generation delivers up to four percent greater efficiency (53 percent final-stage efficiency and up to 50 percent lineup efficiency), a 20 percent improvement in thermal performance, up to 90 MHz full-signal bandwidth, and space savings up to 30 percent.”


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