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G-Clamp fully printable

Inspired by forrozzas beautiful G-Clamp i designed my own version for easy print without support. All parts are redesigned. Smaller clamp is close to specs defined by forrozza. Additional a larger frame and larger screw is provided which adds another centimeter. The knob and protector can be reused for the larger clamp. I gave the screw a fair amount of space, so it should fit without problems into the frame screw hole. Should anyone still have an issue let me know and i can provide an additional version. The knob and screw needs to be glued or you can squeeze in a piece of paper. The best way to mount the protector is to use the clamp itself by closing the clamp until the screw ball and protector ball joint clicks together. For my requirements i used only 25% (~3 hour print) because i need just to hold things in place while the glue is drying. For more force 100% infill is recommended and don’t forget it’s not made of steel. Small clamp: clamp_frame.stl; clamp_screw.stl; clamp_knob.stl; clamp_protector.stl. Large clamp (+1cm): clamp_frame_long.stl; clamp_screw_long.stl; clamp_knob.stl; clamp_protector.stl”

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