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Pocket Calipers

I find myself thinking about different things to make throughout the day, but I only have calipers on me when I’m at home, so I’m left to a best guess. Now, with these handy little pocket calipers, that best guess just got even better! Obviously there’s no way to get these as accurate as some digital calipers, but these will allow you to get very close measurements up to 50mm (width) and 40mm (depth). There is even a screw to hold your position in case you can’t write your measurement down right away. Hopefully these will come in handy for makers all over. All three pieces are already in the proper orientation for printing and nothing needs supports! Make sure you leave the right side upside down unless you plan on adding supports yourself. Students and makers of all ages can use this project to learn how to use a pair of calipers as well as the importance of tolerances between parts. Not to mention, the importance of printing in very low layer heights and printing text vertically to preserve its quality. It is a very simple project and even novice makers and students should be able to complete this project easily. I printed this in just over an hour, so it has potential to be used as a classroom or maker space project. Assembly takes about 1 minute. This is my very first thing and my entry into the #MakerEdChallenge2.”

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