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Parametric Sealing Clip

This is a universal sealing clip suitable for almost all soft materials such as film bags and balloons. Most of the features can be precisely adjusted for a specific task, and the clamping force is distributed evenly to prevent damaging the material. It is designed not to have many sharp points but you may have to check the final print over and clean it up depending on your printer. If you are using these for balloons I recommend that you consider leaving the hand grip off if the clip may end up pushed up against them. Ikea 60mm Clip: 40mm length, 4.5mm Studs, 1.1mm Gap. Ikea 110mm Clip: 90mm length, 4.5mm Studs, 1.1mm Gap. In case anyone is interested, the filament I use is made by Aurarum Australia.”

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