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Customizable U-Hook

Parametric hook, universal and very strong. I’ve been looking a while for a parametric hook modeling, but I didn’t found any available model that ideally combines strength and customizing possibilities. So I tried to create the model I wanted. This is an attempt for a universal and very strong parametric hook, easily 3D printable as a “finished product”. I did a “stress test” with my parametric U-Hook in its default configuration. The hook had been printed in PLA, with 2 perimeters, 0.2 mm layer height, and 20% infill. It supported a weight of 47,4 Kg. Full documentation available as a PDF (in English and French) in the ”Thing Files” section, or on my website : I also wrote a little tutorial about “how to use a parametric file” with OpenScad software, that could help you if you’re not familiar with this type of file :”

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