Self-Service Linux

Two of IBM’s leading Linux experts introduce a four-step methodology for identifying and resolving every type of Linux-related system or application problem: errors, crashes, hangs, performance slowdowns, unexpected behavior, and unexpected outputs. You’ll learn exactly how to use Linux’ key troubleshooting tools to solve problems on your own—and how to make more effective use of professional support services and the Linux community’s knowledge. Discover proven best practices for diagnosing problems in Linux environments; Leverage troubleshooting skills you’ve developed with other platforms; Learn to identify problems with strace, Linux’ most frequently used troubleshooting tool; Use /proc to uncover crucial information about hardware, kernels, and processes; Recompile open source applications with debug information; Troubleshoot kernel recompilation problems; Generate stack traces that simplify debugging; Debug applications with gdb, including C++ and threaded applications; Debug kernel crashes and hangs, one step at a time; Understand the Executable and Linking Format (ELF), and use that knowledge for more effective debugging; Assemble your own Linux troubleshooting toolkit. Includes a production-ready data collection script that can save you hours or days in debugging mission-critical Linux systems!”


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