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Parametric LED Tea Light

Features: Standard CR2032 Battery (Clip in); 5mm LED; Easy Solder; Ideal light source for your projects; Optional Switch; Text for lead identification of LED. Hats: Hats can be placed on top of the tea light with a push fit, here are some suggestions: Candle TeaLiight Hat: ; Christmas Tree Hat: (Diameter: 42; Height: 14.65; LED Holder Outer Diameter: 9.8); Snowman Hat: . Parts: Battery Holder: or . LED: Any 5mm LED that has a 3 Volt forward voltage or less will do, here are some animated suggestions: (slow color cycle); (slow color cycle); (candle flicker). Switch (Optional): The battery holder can be used as a switch by using the built in clip, but if a switch is desired:

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