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Dendra Shelving System

Dendra is a hexagonal-based shelving system that uses any 18mm laminates to create beautiful arrangements for your home or studio near a wall or creating a beautiful division. Customize your Dendra shelves by printing the nodes in colors matching your space palette and buying some nice plastic-finished or wood-finished lamminates! You will need to plan your array before printing, since there are 10 diferent node pieces to chose from, and you will need to print the front and back node piece to hold two panels together. The pieces are designed to hold easy-to-cut 30cm x 40cm shelves (this way a 244cm x 122cm board is 96.7% used, with the cutting waste being the only one!), but you can try with other measures, since the thickness is the same. *For the example array you will need to print 50 pieces and buy only one 244cm x 122cm board.”

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