The MagPI Issue 40 - December 2015

Introducing the tiny $5 Raspberry Pi Zero – it’s a REAL computer: There’s a new Raspberry Pi and it’s free with the print edition this month! Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 / £4 computer. Learn to code while playing Minecraft (or do just about anything else you can dream up). Set up your FREE Raspberry Pi Zero. Find out what you need and how to set up your new $5 computer! You can buy a cable bundle for £4 from the Swag Store or get them free if you subscribe to The MagPi while #40 is on sale! Massive Astro Pi special feature! The Raspberry Pi is en route to the International Space station. Here’s your chance to learn more about this exciting mission. Get started with the Sense HAT. Find out how you can join in with the Sense HAT and join in with the Astro Pi mission at home.”


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