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Parametric Fixing Table Leg -OpenScad

This ‘s my parametric Fixing Table Leg. if you like !!! Please !!! make it one and post it. You can chose: Width and length Leg; Width and length support; Leg : cylinder or cube/rectangle; Thickness wall; Screw diameter; Head screw diameter or hex; Height head screw; The number of screws for fixing leg; The number of screws for width and length; You will therefore be able now with the customizer of realize your Fixing Table Leg. Now, you have more excuses to tinker (; update, you can chose cutting the cylinder at 45°. This function is a work-in-progress ( thank you to Daegs for your comment. If you are having any difficulties, need advices or you want me to make changes, I remain at your disposal. If you want to learn OpenSCAD you can follow these video tutorials :”

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