Notepad ++ is a text editor that replaces Notepad and supports several languages. Developed by Don Ho, it can be downloaded from this link.

It is a tool based on the Scintilla editing component and was written in C ++. It is currently in version


Its main features are:

  • Syntax highlighting and syntax grouping
  • Allows the user to define the syntax of a language by obtaining the markup and grouping functionality.
  • The GUI is fully customizable: minimalist, tab with close button, multi-line tab, vertical tab, vertical document list
  • Has document map
  • Auto-complete: complete words, functions and aids in function parameters
  • Multiple document (interface tab)
  • Multiple views
  • WYSIWYG (Printing)
  • Magnification and reduction of views
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Bookmarks
  • Recording and playback of Macros
  • Opening with different parameters
  • Editing in column mode
  • Spellchecking
  • Plugins support for several additional functionalities

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