Weather Forecast Clock Using Old Alarm and Arduino

I had a broken alarm clock lying around and came up with an idea to convert it to clock and weather forecasting station.
For this project you will need:

Old circular alarm clock
Arduino Nano
BME280 sensor module (temp, humidity, pressure)
LCD display module from Nokia 5110
DS1307 RTC clock
TP4056 Lithium battery charger
Old Li-ion battery salvaged from mobile phone
Small 3.7v to 5v booster module
Light Dependent Resistor (LDR - light meter)
Buzzer (used salvaged one from old PC)
3 push buttons
A bunch of resistors (2x10k, 270 ohm) and a transistor (2N2222A or similar)
Some wide shrink tube
scrap PCB to use as front plate decoration
Micro-USB extension cable (both female and male sides are Micro-USB)
2x8cm prototype board and some wires”


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