Hello, we are glad you have chosen to take interest in our project. We hope you find the instructable helpful in whatever project you are currently pursuing. I am Chase Leach and my partner is Micheal Grebeck. We are currently sophomores of the WBASD S.T.E.M. Academy and we are submitting this project for the Butwin Elias Science and Technology Award. The Lazarus Hand is a prosthetic hand which was made entirely in a 3D printer with exception to the motors, rubber bands, and fishing line; used in the project’s construction. The intended goal for the project was to create a functioning prosthesis that would be capable of using a special sensor in order to tell what parts of the hand were intended to be in use at any given point in time. This would theoretically help with doing tasks typical of a hand such as; grabbing and scratching. In the end, Mike and I were quite proud of the final design. Thank-you for considering us and allowing us to be involved in a competition which has allowed us to have as much fun as we’ve had in designing The Lazarus Hand and overcoming the challenges it’s presented and without further adieu we hope you enjoy. “