Infrared NEC Protocol Encoder and Decoder Board

Receives a raw modulated or demodulated NEC IR signal and converts it into bytes that are sent out the serial port. The serial baud rate is selectable from two default speeds. The default usage mode transmits out a command sequence with framing bytes, address high, address low, and the validated command byte. This device is designed to remove the work load of protocol decoding from the main processor, which could be a PIC, Arduino, FTDI, or other similar serial capable device. It supports full duplex communication when using an I.R. transceiver.
The output protocol was written to be easy to receive. The values 255 & 254 for byte framing followed by data bytes, the repeat codes are indicated by 250 & 253. None of those values would normally be in a NEC command sequence, or at least not in that order. Device expects the extended NEC Protocol, with 16-bit Address, rather than the specified 8-bit address with 8-bit inverse.This device accepts all addresses, and passes the received address to the host device.
The datasheet contains more information and details. Download The Datasheet
The project files can be downloaded as a ZIP from this step, or Visit GitHub to download.”