Hexagon Infinity Mirror With LED Lights and Laser Wire

If you are looking to create a unique lighting piece, this is a really fun project. Because of the complexity, some of the steps really require some precision, but there’s a few different directions you can go with it, depending on the overall look you’re going for. The materials I used on this project are as follows:
2x6 Wood (From Home Depot)
Wood Stain (Pick a color)
Paint (Pick a color and finish - keep reading for my notes)
LED Lights - I used 3 different kinds, Laser Wire, Smart Pixel LEDs and Pixel-Free LED (links at end)
Power Supply - There are a lot of different types of supplies that will work. Just make sure to match up the voltage and wattage (message me if you want some help).
Mirrored Acrylic - You can find at local plastic store like TAP Plastics or many sign shops.
Clear Acrylic - Same as above - Both widths were 1/16”
Two-Way Mirrored Film - Found mine at home depot. Most hardware stores will carry, and call it two-way “privacy film”“