First of all I need to clarify that this is not an original Idea Mine, just update and adapt the programming scripts to work with telegram, I found it in a previous Instructable so the credits really are the author of it.
You could see the spanish version of this in my personal Blog:
You need to build a small circuit that activates a high torque motor, and since my knowledge of electronics is very, very scarce, I had to spend a couple of days learning the basics by watching videos on YouTube.
The original automation script is written in Python and uses a GMail connection to consult the commands, I had never used this programming language but the truth is not so different from the others, I have modified it a bit so that it adapts better to the new ones Python libraries and the automation process together with the operating system configurations allow you to parameterize the following:
Interaction through commands sent to Chat controlled through ChatBots.It allows to track the status of the food dispensed.Controls how much food is going to be dispensed.It has buttons that allow you to feed manually.It does not allow overfeeding by disabling the feeding at 8-hour intervals.It has a status LCD that shows the data as the date and time of the next time for the next power supply, the SSID to which it is connected to the WiFi and the IP address of the device.Optional: Shows some Chuck Norris Random Jokes and / or Trivia of Numbers using a pair of public APIS (Ingenious by the original author).The System is immune to restarts due to power cuts as it saves a status file.The System Detects when there is a connection loss and tries to re-connect until it is successful.”