ECG and Heart Rate Digital Monitor

An electrocardiogram,or ECG, is a very old method of measuring and analyzing heart health. The signal that is read from an ECG can indicate a healthy heart or a range of problems. A reliable and accurate design is important because if the ECG signal shows a deformed waveform or incorrect heartbeat, a person may be misdiagnosed. The goal is to design an ECG circuit that is able to acquire, amplify and filter the ECG signal. Then, convert that signal through an A/D converter into Labview to produce a real-time graph and heartbeat in BPM of the ECG signal. The output waveform should look like this image.
“This is not a medical device. This is for educational purposes only using simulated signals. If using this circuit for real ECG measurements, please ensure the circuit and the circuit-to-instrument connections are utilizing proper isolation techniques.”“