Ive always wanted to make a lightening detector but found the circuit schematics a little beyond my capabilities. Recently whilst surfing the net, I came across a very cool circuit which counts lightning strikes as they happen! After looking over the circuit schematic I thought finally, heres a lightning detector that I can make with my limited skills.
The detector is a simple design and anyone with some basic electronic skills should have no issue making one.
The way it works is the circuit can detect discharge from lightning and counts up to 9 through a 7 segment display. Once you get past 9 it re-sets back to 0.
A big shout-out to D.Mohankumar who designed the lightning counter and detector.
The main components that make up the detector are an IC (CD 4033) and a 7 segment counter. Both a cheap and easy to find on eBay. Basically, the ICs number 1 input pin is very sensitive to electric discharges such as lightning. Whenever lightning strikes the earth, it releases thousands of volts which can be detected by the IC. The IC then converts the signal into a numerical output on the 7 segment display.
I have listed all of the parts needed and have also added links to where you can find them. If you have never tackled something like this I really encourage you to give it a go. As I mentioned before, its relatively simple to make and a heap of fun.”